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Résultats pour Culture

Visite des musées et des églises

VISITE DES MUSÉES ET DES ÉGLISES Guided tours in all museums and churches of Florence including the not-to-be-missed Uffizi Gallery and Accademy Gallery. Please note that in Florence there are very interesting and less visited museums like Pitti Palace, the Bargello museum, Palazzo Vecchio, Casa Buonarroti, Santa […]

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Parcour des Autoportraits

PARCOUR DES AUTOPORTRAITS Interesting and original itinerary showing the best self-portraits of famous Florentine artists. Discover the evolution of the artist in the society from the beginning of the 15th century to the end of the 16th. Interests: Ghiberti’s self-portrait on the Baptistery gates, the hidden self-portrait […]

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Balade Renaissance

BALADE RENAISSANCE During the 15th century, Florence embarked on a period of artistic and cultural glory without parallel, now known as the Renaissance. The list of outstanding artists who matured in this time is almost endless, the artworks of Leonardo and Michelangelo still feature among the most […]

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Balade Médiévale

BALADE MÉDIÉVALE Itinerary about medieval Florence with special attention to Dante’s neighborhood. Florence was not just one of the richest cities in the Christian world but was also regarded as the biggest city in Western civilization. Florentines working as merchants and bankers and living in other countries […]

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